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I was fortunate to know immediately that Entergy had paid protesters in the City Council Chambers last year and could get the proof proof that some of the protesters were paid during the October hearing on the Michoud Power Plant. This is because I am good friends with one of the people wearing the shirt. He told me the details of the arrangement.
An advertisement for stand ins was placed on Craigslist searching for people. The people were given the shirts and told to go to City Council chambers. After the hearing was done, they were to wait for 2 hours and then return to the Dave and Buster’s, where they received payment of $60 after signing a Non-Disclosure agreement.
When my friend moved, he gave me the Orange T-Shirt. Which I then wore to the next hearing regarding the power plant. I must admit, the expression as I shook Charles Rice’s hand while wearing that shirt was priceless.
That’s it for that part of the story. I will have the shirt with me tomorrow. Further details on the Entergy Power Plant I have dug up are
Multiple Natural Gas Plants are being built. There are 2 more on the north shore. Entergy is building plants all over the place right now. It makes no sense to build a power plant 5x more powerful at only 20 miles distance instead of 10, unless you mean cents.


The Power Plant has been receiving an Industrial Tax Exemption benefit for 17 years


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It seems as if Entergy also received a nice Tax Exemption for the 1MW of Solar Power and Storage they installed in 2016.
There is also the curious case of Brookfield District Energy USA, which had been known in the past as…Entergy Thermal.
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Entergy is receiving a tax credit which is supposed to spur job growth, yet it has been losing jobs.
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Dan Faust
Candidate for State Representative District 93

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