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Bourbon Street Culture and the Service Industry

For me, all of my activism started after a raid of strip clubs that followed a pattern that most didn’t notice. This speech is actually the first one that I ever gave and it started a trip in activism that has changed my life.

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This is a direct tax upon the people of District 93 and every district out there! I have been fighting this proposal since the Flood of 2016 when the Power Plant exploded. There is something funny going on. 350 Louisiana, Alliance for Affordable Energy, and Justice and Beyond have been fighting against this unnecessary and corrupt tax upon the people of New Orleans!


Audit the Sewage and Water Board!!!!

There have been too manyDebt 2 issues recently and when you look into the history of SWBNO and a few companies are repeated often, such as Veolia Environment, CH2M, Hard Rock Construction, and a few others. I have long been calling for an audit and what you definitely don’t want to miss is the story about the S&WB, 2 Senior Board Members, the FBI, Veolia, Ray Nagin, and using a church to launder money!


Affordable housing.

AirBnBWe need the Homestead Exemption placed into the Charter. Right now District 93 has 2 times the number of AirBnB listings than any other district in Louisiana. We have lost our communities and becoming a walking hotel for tourists who feed off the locals. New Orleans used to be a “Community of Neighborhoods”, today we’re adding “without any Neighbors”. This needs to change.


Normalized campaign finance abuse.

Weak state campaign finance laws have allowed LLC’s and Corporations the ability to directly donate to a political candidate and influence elections. It is entirely common for a single individual to directly give $25,000 or more per election cycle. There is a fact that has become apparently clear, until people run for office free from the corruption of corporate sponsorship, there will be no path to fix our Country.

Underfunded Parish Defenders Office

The OPD asks for a budget of about $2 million a year to handle a case load that I frankly don’t even want to think about. If you want to know injustice, learn about Jaquin Thomas. Mr. Thomas was a 15 year old boy who was placed in prison with adult men. While law dictates that a juvenile appear before a judge in 72 hours, Mr. Thomas never saw a judge and was never transferred to a juvenile holding facility. After 30 days, this poor child hung himself.

Here’s a recent report on our legal system.

The Pelican State’s legal climate has suffered at the hands of powerful trial attorneys and the politicians they have controlled for decades. Plaintiff-friendly courts, excessive jury verdicts, problematic venue laws, widespread judicial misconduct, a lack of transparency in asbestos litigation and trust claims, disability-access lawsuits targeting small businesses, broad misuse of consumer protection laws, and the highest jury trial threshold in the nation are just a few of the more pressing issues that contribute to the state’s longstanding reputation as one of the worst places in the country to be sued. Indeed, a report much longer than this one could be written about the proliferation of merit- less litigation in Louisiana.


UnemploymentThere really is no better justification for the push towards renewable energy than the jobs that it will bring in. The training period for solar roof installations is low and almost anyone can be trained to do this. What better way to tackle the unemployment problem in New Orleans? Consider: 30% of New Orleans are African American men. If 50% are unemployed, that’s 15% of the total population!!! When 1 out of 6 people are unemployed, crime will be an issue. By providing good paying jobs NOW, we can start working at the secondary issues caused by this HUGE problem! Go renewable, put people to work. Simple as that. Click the graphic below for information.


Public Transit

Right now our public transit system is a joke. From having absolutely 0 RTA staff and having all services performed by TransDev, a subsidiary of Veolia Transportation, a wing of Multinational Environmental Conglomerate Veolia, a firm connected Dalkia Energy. TransDev has quite the history international and domestically. Veolia Water Management also has its own Record locally…


Public Education

I’ll fight to make sure that it actually is for the public… ALL of it.


Motivating Others to Run for Office!


Email: danil.faust@gmail.com

Phone Number: 504-708-3345


Regarding the “Fiscal Cliff”:

The best recommendations come from a group called Invest Louisiana. These are:

  • Eliminate the federal income tax deduction. Louisiana is one of only three states which allow full deductibility of federal taxes on state returns. This tax break costs the taxpayer more in federal taxes and costs the state $931 million in revenue each year.
  • Eliminate excess itemized deductions. The wealthiest 20 percent of Louisiana’s taxpayers reap 79 percent of the benefits of this tax break, which costs the state $263 million each year in lost revenue.
  • Lower the sales tax and broaden its base. Louisianians are currently paying the highest sales taxes in the nation, and our sales tax hasn’t caught up to the 21st-century economy. Widening its base and reducing it to 4 percent would put more money back in the hands of working families and give our economy a much-needed boost.
  • Double the state Earned Income Tax Credit. The EITC is a tax credit that encourages work among low-income families and is a proven strategy in fighting child poverty. It boosts the income of working families, who in turn spend it on basic necessities, strengthening the economy.

As a former Army Medic, I was trained to put my life on the line to save others. As an activist and a political candidate, I will do no less than constantly put the needs of others before me. My background in financial analysis and mathematics gives me the ability to pour through budget reports and revenue estimates that will be necessary in the long battle for tax reform ahead of us. My years of experience working in the service industry has taught me humility and given me a connection with the plight of the common worker. This is why I want to represent YOU!

Other goals and beliefs include:



EMT-B, U.S. Army, 1998

Bachelor’s, Mathematics, Arizona State University, 2005